Are you looking for Reflections on a Grand Passion™, the blog on classical piano music authored by Nancy M. Williams?

I’m happy to announce that I have expanded my blog into an online magazine, now called Grand Piano Passion™ at

The new magazine has the same commitment to the piano and hearing health, to original videos, and to great writing, now with a better format and expanded content.

This site has become my professional vita, with my publications, performances, and gallery, with a website address of
My Welcome to Grand Piano Passion™ article quickly sums up all of our improvements.
Or simply go directly to the new home page.  Enjoy!

I’m a creative writer with a passion for the classical piano.

In 2005, I went back to the piano after a twenty-five year hiatus. When I enrolled in lessons, I could barely remember the notes. Since that time, I’ve taken adult piano lessons almost every week. I am currently at work on a book-length memoir about my return to the piano as an adult.

When I began to write about the piano, the results far surpassed my expectations. I screamed out loud when in 2009, the editor of The Chattahoochee Review phoned to say that the journal had awarded me the Lamar York Prize for Nonfiction for my essay, “Deserting the Piano.” Later that same year, I placed as second runner-up in the narrative category of The Missouri Review’s Audio and Video Competition with my audio production, “Rêverie Reclaimed.”

I have also written on mothering and working. One of my essays appears in Unbuttoned, a Publishers Weekly starred anthology, while other personal essays have appeared in the magazines Fit Pregnancy, Mom and Baby, and New Jersey Life and Leisure.

Creative writing is a second career for me. I earned my B.A. from Stanford University in Economics, then after four years in management consulting, went to Harvard Business School for my M.B.A. For a number of years, I worked in marketing for telecom and mobile phone companies. Although I could have done without a few of those interminable meetings, I liked the charge of launching new products.

These days, my professional life centers on nonfiction writing and the piano. In 2009, I became a performing member of the New York Piano Society.  I have performed in three of the Society’s concerts in New Jersey and New York City. My repertoire includes Chopin (of course, Chopin!), Schumann, the requisite Beethoven, and Debussy.